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Many tried, but WU-LE did it… We made the first wooden tie which is as unique as a fingerprint of nature, underlined with leather, very light, easy to put on and fits your body perfectly. That’s why WU-LE tie is made to become vintage – together with the owner.

Artistic Approach

Like a fingerprint of nature.

Premium Quality

We use only the best handpicked European and exotic wood.

Unique Design

Very light and fits your body perfectly.

Challenge For The Classic Tie Fashion

Original and easy to put on.

Underlined With Leather

For a perfect contact with the body.


All ties are handmade in three different sizes.

Standard Handmade Ties

Maple (Wooden) Tie
with highly decorative wood grain
Mahogany (Wooden) Tie
classy straight-grained reddish-brown tropical hardwood
Walnut (Wooden) Tie
with mystical and rich brown colour

WU-LE Custom Made Ties

Different Custom Made Wooden TIes

Apart from our standard models, we will also be producing custom made ties. You will be able to choose from 20 different types of wood and combine them into different textures. Because we want you to be a part of the designing process where we design your custom model that will make people turn heads. We use only the best handpicked European and exotic wood.

You can pre-order WU-LE ties at our Kickstarter campaign. Just click the support button.

WU-LE for couples

WU-LE for couples

Every standard WU-LE tie can be paired with beautiful handmade bracelet from the same piece of wood. For couples to enjoy WU-LE art together.

Be unique and buy your own WU-LE tie.